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Transcon is a premiere provider of construction compliance and monitoring services, regularly serving in both first-party and third-party roles. Because of our experience and expertise, we were recently invited to assist the USFS with construction compliance inspection on two of the most controversial natural gas pipeline projects in the country along with two other rebuilds. We are currently providing third-party compliance inspection services on hundreds of miles of transmission lines through mountains and deserts.

Third-Party Compliance Activities

Specific to our third-party compliance inspection, we have repeatedly been invited by the BLM to assist with the training of new realty specialists at the national training center. We have helped the BLM develop processes and procedures to keep projects moving with fewer compliance issues.

We regularly perform the following third-party compliance inspection activities:

• Daily inspection and monitoring on behalf of the agency
• Daily and weekly compliance and construction status reports
• Daily and weekly meetings with the proponent, contractor, and agencies
• Coordination and monitoring of road construction activities
• Review and preparation of responses for variance requests
• Coordination between the proponent and the contractor to resolve compliance issues in the field
• Guidance and inspection for reclamation activities
• Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan and Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan compliance
• Development and maintenance of a secure website to house all compliance reports and all project management documents
• Development of a communication plan for the project
• Specialized biological, cultural, and geological resource reports
• Collection and review of all permits associated with the project
• GIS data management for the project
• Creation and maintenance of the Virtual Site Visit (VSV) tool to assist agencies, owners, and managers with project tracking


Contributing to and maintaining a safe working environment is critical for project success and is a pillar on which Transcon is built. Transcon has worked on hundreds of projects and has no accidents or man-hours lost to work-related accidents throughout our 23-year history. We take pride in our safety record and are committed to contributing to the safety of the projects we work on and of the general public.

Agency Trust & Understanding

Our trust with agencies has been achieved over many years of working directly with numerous federal, state, and local agencies. Transcon has established a reputation of the highest integrity, quality, and expertise. This trust is reflected in Transcon’s work as a construction inspection contracting (Compliance Inspection) team on several projects representing the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, most recently, the Tropic to Hatch, Gateway South, and Aeolus to Jim Bridger transmission lines.

Resource Expertise

The Transcon team is designed to support agency resource specialists and to ensure mitigation measures are implemented as outlined in project documents such as the Plan of Development, Biological Opinion, or Historic Properties Treatment Plan. All of our construction inspection projects are completed with Final Project Reports, which have been praised for their insights and information. The reports summarize data, such as number and type of variances, location and details of non-compliances, and how much additional cultural and biological effort was required during the construction phase. We also provide retrospective write-ups that highlight issues of concern and resolutions, and lessons learned that help utilities better plan for future projects.

Construction Experience

Transcon understands how to effectively and successfully manage compliance inspection activities on large construction projects. More importantly, Transcon specifically understands construction timing and sequencing, construction methods, typical disturbance associated with different activities, steep terrain construction methods and techniques, access needs, reclamation activities, and schedules.

Communication & Transparency

Through years of experience, Transcon has developed and field tested several technologies that assist in the communication and reporting of project information and the dissemination to field personnel. These tools allow all team members, on- and off-site, an opportunity to be well-informed about project details without large investments of time and effort. These tools provide transparency to project details and enhance efficiency and responsiveness, resulting in maintaining resource protection expectations and project schedules.

We have and continue to develop innovative tools to assist clients and agencies with more effective data presented in easier to access and understand ways, which informs better and faster decision making. One tool we are using more frequently is unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS or drone). We employ qualified and part 107 certified operators to capture birds eye view photos, 360-degree imagery, aerial video, high resolution ortho imagery, and 3D photogrammetric data, all of which can be loaded and accessed through Transcon’s VSV. In addition, we are regularly updating and utilizing the latest Esri applications and tools such as Survey123 and Collector.

Team Experience, Organization & Structure

One of the strongest features of our approach is the selection of our project team. Our primary compliance inspection inspectors are made up of former local U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management employees with vast experience completing projects that deal with natural resources and permitting activities. Our inspectors have resource backgrounds and previous experience completing environmental inspection activities for large-scale linear projects. Additionally, our compliance inspection team consists of personnel with backgrounds in biological resources, cultural resources, forestry, range science, soils, water resources, engineering, and reclamation experience, including construction, monitoring, and environmental training.

For first-party monitoring, Transcon’s certified archaeologists and biologists understand construction and work with crews and agency staff daily to keep all stakeholders informed and construction progressing. On a recent project, our monitors found a cultural resource during construction. The on-site archaeologist was able to quickly identify the important components for avoidance, allowing crews to continue construction while protecting the unanticipated discovery. Transcon completed post-work treatment on the site.

“They truly are experts at what they do and the products you will receive from them. Very impressed with the crew, job well done.”

Steve Clezie
USDA Sawtooth National Forest

Transcon is always looking for individuals dedicated to understanding and serving client needs. We’d love to have you on our team.

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